Metal buildings are considered durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Their clear span interiors allow greater flexibility and brightness when compared to traditional post and beam buildings.  Affordable building accessories providing additional brightness to the interiors without increasing electricity costs are available.  One such accessory is a skylight.

Skylights are panels manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass. They offer an economical way of brightening interior spaces by allowing natural light to come inside the building.

Skylights are translucent plastic panels made from continuous interwoven strands of fiberglass, imbedded in a fire-retardant resin. Skylights have the same profile as roof panels; however, there are also skylights which can replace sidewalls.

The procedure for installing a skylight panel is the same as that of an ordinary steel panel. Typically, ¼” diameter fastener clearance holes are pre-drilled in the overlapping sidelap and endlap of the skylight panel. Since skylights are fiberglass, care must be taken when installing fasteners.  Also, stepping or walking on a skylight’s surface should be avoided since the material can crack and cause accidents.

Skylights are an affordable solution to brighten up a building’s interiors, providing brighter interiors without additional energy costs. offers two varieties of skylights which can be found on our website at the following link: